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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a fairing to fit my bike?

If you have a Harley Davidson® Road King®, Heritage Softail, Softail Deluxe®
or Fat Boy® we have brackets for you!

Metric Brackets-Check below for any extra parts needed for your model:

StratoLiner S
StratoLiner Midnight
- No extra parts needed

RoadLiner S
RoadLiner Midnight hardware from Yamaha
- Must purchase StratoLiner Windshield mounting

Road Star Silverado
Road Star Silverado S
- No extra parts needed

Road Star
Road Star S
- Must purchase Silverado Windshield mounting hardware from Yamaha

How does the fairing mount?

Road King Classic and Standard (including Police Model): We use the factory windshield mounts to mount the fairing. The top rubber grommets for your detachable windshield are removed, two washers are added and our inner shell slides into place where the grommets had been. The top bolts are then tightened to securely hold the fairing in place. If you have handlebar mounted tach on any of these models, it must be removed. We sell a unique fix for replacing H-D mini tach onto your dash with the Road King Tachometer Bracket. Fits Harley-Davidson Road King Classic®, Standard and Police models up to 2007 ONLY.

Road King Custom: Mounts same as Road King after removal of chrome wind deflector (duck bill). We recommend covering this area with a handlebar clamp cover and nacelle trim piece upon adding the fairing. We sell these parts, or you can order them from Harley (Chrome Handlebar Clamp Cover: HD part #67866-03 and Chrome Nacelle Trim: HD part#67868-03). That way upon removal, the handlebar and top of headlight area looks chromed and finished, like a standard or classic Road King.

Screamin'Eagle Road King: The fairing mounts similar to the Road King Classic/Standard, with an extra notch cut for 2002 and 2003 models to allow the fairing to cover the tachometer as the fairing brackets slide into place on their mounting points. We provide chrome bolts to replace your upper & lower windshield studs in order to allow the fairing to fit easier. Starting with 2007-current Screamin'Eagle models, the tach was replaced onto the dash so no notch is required.

Heritage Softail/Softail Deluxe/Fat Boy: The fairing mounts similar to the Road King in that you need a detachable windshield mounting point. For all softails, we replace the rubber grommets with metal washers and chrome spacers in a certain configuration to make a secure fit. For Fat Boy only: You must have a detachable windshield or Heritage-style passing lamps. If not, you must purchase the Windshield Adaptor Bracket Harley Davidson Passing lamp Bracket part #58082-02A or Softail deluxe passing lamp bracket 58092-05 to make a Heritage style front end.

Is it quick-release?

Yes, after initial setup the removal takes less than a minute with a simple quarter turn of the TOP nuts/bolts ONLY. Nuts and bolts DO NOT need to be removed! As the fairing weighs approximately 18 pounds with a stereo installed, we use bolts instead of quick-release pins. Also, we don't want someone to be able to pull two pins and walk away with your fairing in a matter of seconds. We also now offer a chromed fairing lock (no metric fitment) exclusively designed for Dragonfly fairings by McGard, a leader in security locks for aftermarket bolt-on pieces. The lock still allows for the simple removal of the fairing, with the same quarter turn of the bolt lock key, loosening the top nuts/bolts to remove your fairing.

Will a fairing work if I have a headlight nacelle on my Fat Boy or Heritage?

Yes, but the upper bolt spacers for the detachable windshield bracket must be cut down to make the bracket 12 7/8" apart again.

What adjustments must be made to my bike?

Road King Classic and Standard: The spotlights are moved to the forward hole on their mounting bracket. We provide a slotted socket to make this easier, and once moved, they never have to be moved again.

Road King Custom: The chrome wind deflector must be removed. You may want to purchase a chrome handlebar cover for a Standard Road King if you plan on leaving the fairing on for extended periods. (Check Ebay for a good price.)

Fat Boy: You must have a detachable windshield, or you must purchase the Windshield Adapter Bracket - Harley part #58270-02.

Will my handlebar mounted tach work with your fairing?

On a Road King Classic, Standard or Custom, the handlebar mounted tach must be removed. We offer a mounting bracket to mount a Harley mini-tach to the dash just above your speedometer.

On Screamin' Eagle 2002 and 2003 models, an extra notch is cut to allow room for the tach to remain, but covered.

What does the BASIC fairing include?

The fairing includes the inner and outer shell (black gelcoat finish) with your choice of windshield, speaker mounts with grills and mounting hardware. Stainless Steel mounting brackets ARE NOW INCLUDED, but need to be added by part number for your model when ordering. You can view your windshield choices on the Fairing Accessories page. Basic Fairing does not include a stereo or speakers and does not come painted, but we offer both a stereo package with speakers, paint and many other options as Fairing Accessories.

Does the fairing include mounting hardware?

Yes, we provide the additional hardware you will need besides your detachable windshield rubber grommets. Our fairings mount with polished, stainless-steel mounting brackets we provide with Basic Fairing purchase. The brackets are very strong. The wheelie video was made to show that our fairings can withstand hard riding.

Can I buy just the inner or outer shell?

No, unless you are replacing the inner/outer shell on warranty or from an accident. Our fairing inner shell is NOT designed to replace the Electra Glide or other factory fairing inner shell.

Does the fairing come painted or in primer?

Neither. The fairing comes in black gel coat, which is the paintable surface of our injection-molded parts. It needs to be painted in order to look finished. Gel coat requires some light prep-work before painting.

Does the fairing have to be painted?

Yes. If you want the fairing to look "finished", it must be painted. Ie., You wouldn't buy an unpainted set of saddlebags and expect it to match your bike? Painting is the finishing touch to make the piece perfect for your bike. We can paint it for you, or you can take it to your own painter.

Can you match ANY paint?

We can match most factory Harley-Davidson® paint and pinstripes by year. Our painters use the same paint codes, type of paint and clear coat used by Harley-Davidson® to ensure that you have the best match possible.

For custom paint schemes, our painter may require a side panel or saddlebag in order to match the colors and design. Cost will depend on the colors and difficulty of the project. Our painters do not do Radical Paint Sets.

We are not offering any factory matched paint for metric bikes at this time, however, you can purchase Painted Gloss Black for your fairing.

Will Harley fairing accessories work with your fairing?

Yes. Fits most 3 hole nose bras, mirrors, chrome moldings, wind deflectors, windshield storage bags, gauges and replacement windshields will work with our fairing.

Does the fairing come with a stereo?

No. We have a stereo package available, or you may install your own system. Please see our stereo systems and speakers page for details. Our fairing is designed to house most single-DIN sized stereo units that are 6 1/8" deep, and most 6 x 9 speakers with a depth of 3 1/16", and magnet diameter of 3 9/16".

What size speakers can be used in the fairing?

The fairing is designed to house 6 x 9 speakers with a depth of 3 1/16" and magnet diameter of 3 9/16".

Do I have to put in a stereo?

No. Some customers choose not to have a stereo hole cut. If you do not want a stereo hole cut, you must tell us at the time you place your order.

Can you sell me just a plain fairing with no holes?

We can leave the dash solid (no stereo hole), but please note that this special order will add 3 weeks to your fairing's estimated ship time. The speaker holes are part of the mold and cannot be made solid. However, the Basic Fairing comes with speaker grills that get mounted from the inside and cover these holes whether you put speakers in or not.

Will factory hand controls for the stereo work with your fairing?

Not factory hand controls, but we offer our own Hand Control Kit that ONLY works with Aquatic AV stereo package on our Detachable Fairing. This new product retrofits back to our first design, so as long as you bought our Aquatic AV stereo package, you can use this kit on your older model fairing!

Does your stereo have a CB or headphones?

No. But companies such as J&M Corporation make adaptor modules that will tie CB’s and intercoms into any stereo. However, you must call them directly to order as it is not listed in their catalog. 1-800-358-0881

How do CDs work? Can I use my I Pod or MP3 player? What about Sirius or XM radio?

The unit we offer is a standard car stereo that is made water resistant for boating purposes. As you are mounting a car stereo to the front forks of a motorcycle, CDs tend to skip. We have found that some CDs work better than others, and certain bikes are better than others for CDs not skipping.

The Kenwood deck we offer works with your I Pod or MP3 player and is satellite radio ready. For the I Pod or MP3 player, an adapter cord is plugged into the back of the deck and runs parallel with our quick-disconnect harness. You can then put your portable unit in a pocket, pouch, saddlebag, etc.

For satellite radio, the SIRIUS receiver box and antenna are a kit we sell if you don’t already have a membership. Both are mounted inside the fairing and plug directly into the back of the Kenwood deck. We don’t sell the XM unit anymore, but if you have either brand in a “moveable membership” capable of putting into several different vehicles, it will work the same on your motorcycle with an adaptor. Ask your local Radio Shack for the Kenwood adaptor to plug into your stereo.


What models do your speaker pods fit?

'85 to current full-sized Harley Davidson Tour Pac®.
NOTE: Does not fit any leather tour pack.

Do you sell just the speaker pods?

Yes, you can purchase the speaker pods separately and put your own 6 ½" speakers in, depth is 1 13/16" with magnet diameter of 1 3/8". We recommend our own Kenwood water-resistant 2-way speakers.

What do the pods come with?

Our speaker pods come with a pair of pods, mounting hardware and instructions.

Is there separate volume controls for the rear speaker pods?



Will my factory hand controls work?

Yes! Your hand controls will work with this kit!

Is this kit a direct plug-and-play?


Currently fits '98-current model years ONLY.

Can you sell me just the adapter kit or just the hand control module?

No. We do not separate this kit. Please see the Electra Glide Stereo Upgrade page for more details.

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