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At Dragonfly Cycle Concepts, we not only wish to sell our products, but also help educate our customers to make an informed decision about the money you spend on an audio system for your motorcycle.  Taking up your saddlebags for audio and amps just to hear the radio at 70mph is now a thing of the past!

With today's technology of amplifiers and speakers, bigger is not always better.  We have been able to do some amazing things while still keeping your entire system in the fairing and using your hand controls as well.  Given waterproof components and outdoor quality systems, we believe nobody has thought as far into the future as we have about actually tuning a system to work at its best, as opposed to just throwing a bunch of expensive, large, overpriced parts at your audio system. 

Dragonfly Cycle Concepts has been working alongside leading "audiophile" companies to truly tune your system to what you desire. Over 9 years of playing with motorcycle audio has helped us find combinations that truly work in the real world applications we’re using them on!  Our detachable fairing systems are hands down above any other aftermarket fairing audio you will find anywhere for quality sound and long lasting durability right out of the box.  Add Harley Style hand controls for a full 10 radio functions at your thumbs, or upgraded amp and speaker combos so your friends 50 feet behind you on the freeway can hear you. (NO MATTER WHAT PIPES YOU HAVE.)  Not only are we the only aftermarket detachable fairing that DOESN’T USE a car stereo, we're also the only aftermarket fairing company that has their own radio line! It should be evident that we aren't happy with just any old radio we can buy cheap!

We have also taken our detachable fairing stereo to the OEM world.  With a direct plug and play harness for the Harley Electra Glides and Road Glides you can now have creature comforts like 10 audio functions from existing switches, as well as simply plugging a thumb drive, memory stick, or any other USB MP3 player you have for full digital quality sound.  You can even plug your iPod in at the saddle bag and get digital quality using your hand controls, not plugging in at a bulky analog headphone jack on your handle bars playing with the roller dial with gloves on. Our system even charges it!

WE DON’T SELL SPEAKERS TO RUN STRAIGHT OFF THE RADIO!!!..  Anyone that does is stealing money from you!!!!  As the OEM 2006 –current HD radio only has 12 WATTS RMS of power (Real Power Output), speakers alone are not going to fix the problem of not hearing the radio.  Even our Dragonfly Cycle Concepts stereo that is rated at peak 50Wx4 channels like every other aftermarket stereo out there, real power output is only about 24 watts RMS (Real Power Output).  This does mean with double the power output you gain 3 dB of sound to your ear.  Our amplifiers have 75 watts RMS, for a freeway rockin good time. After experimenting with different size speakers, as well as different brands that use a multitude manufacturing designs, we can play with that number a touch, but NOT SIGNIFICANTLY.  Our Stage II and Stage III can be heard CLEARLY by your buddies on the freeway behind you.

We do actually match up different speakers, head units, and amplifiers on a regular basis.  We look for overall sound reproduction for the package in question.  We also use little "Tricks" learned over the years to ensure we have the better system for our customers.  We DON’T add a bunch of tweeters to make it louder.  As the lower frequencies are the first ones to dissipate in the open air, bass and mid bass go first. High Frequencies or (Tweeters) handle the open air better and don’t dissipate as rapidly.  By adding more tweeters, instead of more power to ensure strong mid bass, you end up with a lot of what can only be called "White Noise" at higher speeds and volumes on a motorcycle.  In Short: more tweeters don’t draw much power, just more money.   

As we pull everyone else's audio systems out (for gutting and reinstall) on a regular basis, one can only come to the conclusion customers like what our systems sound like and accomplish for your riding experience. Thank you for listening to the difference.

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